How to plan your day with assigned tasks by using Time-Tracker in ERPCA?


Header section of ERPCA has the TIME TRACKER button.

Click on Time Tracker —> Select Plan Your Day Do the planning by selecting and adding assigned task(s) to the work queue.After adding the task you can view it in the Plan your day list. You can be able to add multiple task in Plan your day, from the list of task due today, this week, tomorrow, this month, overdue as per the Current FY. Once you take task in your work queue, you can log your working hrs for the same with the help of ERPCA TIMER. This video will show the process of Time-Tracker.

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By using TIME TRACKER you will be able to record the LIVE time you are spending on task assigned to you as well as for some unassigned activities.

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Select the Non billable workcategory from the Drop down,Describe the work in detail, Start and Stop the timer. Quick Tasks are all non billable office work , eg, Printing,Training,Drafting Emails etc.