Task Management

Say goodbye to physical records
Bye Bye, sticky notes and Excel sheet! No more Physical files!
Using the task management feature in ERPCA ensures that your complete team is aware of the task(s) they have to accomplish, which employee is allotted which task, and the deadlines for the assigned task. You can view which member is working on which task and the progress at any point.
Generate tasks instantly

The aim of any practice is to offer the client exceptional service and complete the project on time. Creating appropriate tasks promptly is crucial to get the ball rolling. With ERPCA, you can generate tasks and subtasks immediately so that all your team members know what they have to do. In addition to creating tasks you can also:


  • Make changes to the team associates
  • Add, delegate, or share files among team members
  • Fix deadlines
  • Allocate to a client’s file
  • Keep track of the task being done
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Make a time budget

Time management forms a vital part of any practice. It is important to plan the time being spent on tasks and keep track of it. You can make a time budget in ERPCA for each task as well as subtask and then track time alongside that budget.

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No more scribbling notes on paper

How many times have you written some important information on a piece of paper and then misplaced it thereby resulting in frustration? Thanks to ERPCA, you won’t go through this ordeal again. You can create notes in seconds and work together with your team members plus clients on separate tasks

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Review board to check work done

Approving zillions of tasks done by your team members is a time-consuming and tedious procedure. ERPCA has an excellently made check board which takes care of all the task validation in no time. We have also provided an option through which you can bring up a question on the task submitted, accept the work and finalize it, assess and close the task instantly or give it to higher management for additional evaluation and then close it.

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Resource workload evaluation

At times, owing to numerous projects and their deadlines, it becomes tough to study resource workload. Our software consists of an automatic mechanism which helps you evaluate the workload of your team members together with the existing status of the task allotted. This way, you can get complete clarity of the job given to the team members before allocating any new assignment to them.

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Get notified instantly about task updates

You certainly don’t want to miss out on key notifications and always stay updated. The moment any task is updated, ERPCA will automatically send an update through a notification or e-mail to your team associates and clients

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Complete task history record

ERPCA provides a detailed task log which lets you go through the entire history of all the happenings and modifications done to any task anytime, anywhere.

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mobile apps screen
ERPCA Mobile App

You can use ERPCA from any corner of the world on your phone. Our mobile app lets you view all on-going, forthcoming or pending tasks, go through any client’s project and its related tasks, and generate new tasks for your team members. Given below are some benefits of ERPCA Mobile App:


  • Advanced geo-location based attendance marking
  • Eye-catching and intuitive calendar with tasks, due dates, and holidays
  • Easy to use interface to update task progress on the go
  • Receive real-time notifications on task updates
  • Rapid execution of tasks


We have received plenty of awesome testimonials

One of the finest software for Chartered Accountants for office management ever I seen. mobile App of ERPCA is Awesome, it is the best application for employees attendance and work tracking. The support of the ERPCA team is highly appreciatable. Good luck guys, keep it up

CA Saneel Mathew

RAGHU NATH RAI & CO. Chartered Accountants

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