Our History

We launched ERPCA in 2008 as a personal project with limited resources. Initially, the software made exclusively to meet the needs of chartered accountants had few features. But over the next few years, we added more unique features. Today, ERPCA is utilized by a number of chartered accountants. Owing to first-class functionalities bundled in this tool which meet industry standards, ERPCA developed into an extensive program last year. .

Who Are We?

We are a software company that specializes in designing practice management solutions specifically for chartered accountants.

What Do We Do?

We work directly with chartered accountants to identify the challenges they face in runningtheir busy practices on a day-to-day basis and we design automated solutions to solve those challenges effectively.Our goal is to provide a comprehensive automated solution which centralizes and automates many of the business processes required by charted accountants. ERPCA, our first exclusive software aims to eliminate all these hassles. In 2015, we intend to market this extremely helpful software to chartered accountants and tax consultants on a large scale.

How Do You Benefit?

The key to growing an organized practice where you can provide valuable services and support for all your clients is to have a system that manages all your clients’ information, and more importantly, manages all your clients’ deadlines and tracks who has brought in their paperwork.

By offering a solution where your clients’ information, tasks, documentation, communications, billing, and invoicing are centralized in one place, your business gains the intelligence and the regulation to provide valuable services to your clientele and at the same time has ample opportunities to expand.

With the use of ERPCA, you can automate all your processes such as workflow management, client collaborations, employee training and supervision, inward documents, staff day-sheet management, task check-list, and preparing invoices etc. thus saving a lot of precious time.

Our Service/Mission

We wish to provide top-class services to our customers and hope to exceed their expectations. Customer gratification is our highest priority since it is the only way we can reach out to other chartered accountants through word-of-mouth and encourage them to start using our novel software.

Sujeet Karn , CEO