Important Utilities

Utilities which takes your practice to next level
Expand service lines and improving client experience.
Other than workflow automation, there are several other aspects also to improve the way you do practice. ERPCA covers almost every aspect of daily operation to make your practice measurable.
Elegent way for DSC Management

Easy to use interface makes us unique for DSC management. Managing DSC in ERPCA helps you to mainly remember it’s expiry date, custodian of DSC, and track usage.

  • Auto generated customer consent forms
  • Regular reminders on DSC expiry date
  • Easily find Custodian of DSC in team
  • Get log of DSC usage by team members
  • Access complete history of renewal, custodian change, usage, etc in one click
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Improved way of Inward - Outward Management

Very organized way to manage inward / outward of client document with option to generate receipts and acknowledgement copy.

  • Generate PDF acknowledgement of Inward
  • Maintain efficiently the returnable / non-returnable document
  • Tracking of Inward document location made easy
  • Inward register linked with task
  • Complete transparency between teams of inward status and updates
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Team's Attendance Management

ERPCA gives the ADVANCED Geo-Location based attendance tracking system. Utmost accuracy in attendance location marking.

  • Best tool to manage staff attendance from audit places
  • Easily available monthly attendance report for team's payroll
  • Allow team to record break time during working hrs
  • Auto updates to management with users list for non-marking attendance
  • Automated Attendance updates to management team
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Supervision of Interns’ Leave

It is a tedious chore to manage leave applications by numerous interns working under you. With ERPCA, this concern will be addressed effectually. View all the holidays taken by articles at one glance.

  • Leave Application & Approval System
  • Category wise leave management of employees
  • Set holiday of entire year
  • Restrict user login on holidays or dates on which they are on leave
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To-Do Handling

Daily To-Do’s contains the work which you usually maintain in your daily diary to keep list of things that need to be done and you don’t want to skip anyway. ERPCA has in-built powerful tool for better to-do management

  • Create to-do in seconds and priortize it
  • Assign to-do for your team members
  • Keep track of all your pending / completed work
  • Auto updates on to-do assigned
  • Log notes of to-do
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Manage expenses incurred on task(s)

Tracking expense incurred on task(s) is an important aspect of any business.

  • Expense application & approval System
  • Categorize expense for client tasks
  • Generate expense voucher PDF
  • Track paid/unpaid expense vouchers
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Reminders & Notifications

As we all are busy in reaching targets, auto reminders and notications plays an important role in keeping us updated about what’s going on! ERPCA helps you to keep updated your clients and team about the work progress and assigned in form of reminders and notifications

Send messages with your brand

Configure your company email id for all outgoing emails. Also have complete flexibility to link your own SMS gateway to send SMS from your ERPCA account

Send Reminders

Send reminders to your client for due dates, pending data, bill(s) overdue or reaching due date as SMS and EMAIL

Automated EMAILS and SMS

ERPCA sends auto email/sms/notifications to your client about their task creation, data required for task(s), bills generated, Payment receipt acknowledgement, etc


We have received plenty of awesome testimonials

ERPCA helped me in the form of managing the tasks this software has certain inbuilt tasks which actually helps me to understand what should be the workflow. Staff understand how the work should be done. I wish all the best for the ERPCA software team.

CA Rajesh Bhate

RCB And Associates

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