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ERPCA has now been geared-up to equip you with CLOUD-APPS-VERSE experience. Connect your cloud apps and experience the seamless integration.

Cloud apps Integration

ERPCA is your all-in-one Practice Management Solution. But you have other things you need to manage and interact with your work within ERPCA. Integrations help your software speak to one another so you can simplify your management and operations.

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Benefits of Integration
Work seamlessly by connecting cloud apps with ERPCA
Reduce Context Switching

API integration can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but it is also a crucial part of many business operations. Decreasing context switching can speed up this process by allowing employees to more easily move between different tasks and applications. This can save time and increase efficiency as employees don’t need to constantly search for the right information or tools. Additionally, it can help reduce errors and improve communication between different departments or teams.

Eliminate Double Entry

API integration between applications can help to eliminate double entry by allowing data to be shared seamlessly between the two applications. This can help to reduce errors and improve efficiency as data does not need to be manually entered into multiple systems. API integration can also help keep data synchronized across applications, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Improve Accuracy

API integration between cloud apps can be a great way to improve accuracy. By integrating the data from multiple sources, you can create a more accurate picture of what is going on. This can be especially helpful when you are trying to track down errors or get a better understanding of how your system is functioning.

Our Active Integrations
Developed considering your day-to-day work around many apps

At ERPCA, we enable integrations with all applications which are majorly used by our clients. Our goal is to provide a single workspace solution to the clients which would be connected with all other applications. We are also helping our clients with on-demand integrations with any application they are using for the smooth functioning of their business.

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Don’t see an integration you need? Through our Public API, we can help you connect several other softwares.
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