Transforming CA Jatin Sethi’s practice: ERPCA’s user friendliness and customer support stand out

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 CA Jatin Sethi

  In this case study, we’ll delve into CA Jatin Sethi’s experience with the ERPCA  practice management software for the CA profession, and how it has revolutionized his accounting practice. We’ll explore the challenges he faced before adopting ERPCA, the benefits he has realized, and his insights for others considering similar solutions.

The importance and foray into digital transformation

Jatin Sethi comes from a family of businesspeople primarily engaged in trading and manufacturing. However, he decided to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant (CA). His fascination with the CA profession led him to become a CA in 2016.

Jatin’s journey into digital transformation began in 2019 when he realized the need for a practice management software. Initially, his team consisted of four members, and they managed their activities using Excel. As their team grew, maintaining records became cumbersome, and they sought a solution to streamline their operations.

The pivotal moment for digitalization came in 2020, driven by the challenges posed by remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jatin needed a cloud-based solution, but the cost and lack of suitable options made the search difficult.

Eventually, he discovered  ERPCA practice management software through a referral. The responsiveness demonstrated by Sujeet Karn, founder of ERPCA, and his thorough explanation of the software’s capabilities convinced Jatin to proceed with ERPCA.

His initial goal was to track his team’s activities efficiently, ensuring clear visibility of tasks and progress. However, he soon realized ERPCA’s potential to be far more than task management.

In addition to task management, ERPCA helped CA Jatin with his firm’s invoicing, time tracking, and attendance management. It brought visibility to the team’s work and eliminated the need for daily status updates.

What made ERPCA special: The key differentiators

From his experience of using ERPCA over nearly three years, Jatin identifies two key differentiators of the software. First, the software’s ease of use stood out, making it accessible and user-friendly for his team.

Second, ERPCA’s exceptional customer support played a crucial role in the successful adoption of the software.

ERPCA helped CA Jatin Sethi with his firm’s invoicing, time tracking, and attendance management
Challenges and suggestions for ERPCA

CA Jatin also offered several constructive suggestions for further improvement of the software.

He highlighted the opportunity for  more streamlined and organized invoicing, with better handling of long descriptions. Jatin also suggested enhancing the application for credit notes. He emphasized the importance of a structured invoice format and the ability to consolidate multiple line items.

The ERPCA product development team has taken note of all these suggestions and will continue to schedule improvements to provide customers the best practice and office management software in the country.

Tips for those looking for a practice management software

Jatin’s advice to those considering practice management software is to invest time in learning the software thoroughly. He emphasized the importance of exploring various features and functionality available within the software to maximize its benefits. He also suggested exploring tips and tricks shared by other users within the community to continuously improve their own processes.

Mobile App Usage

Regarding the ERPCA mobile app, which is available in both iOS and Android versions, CA Jatin said that his team has been mainly using it for marking attendance. They found it convenient for on-the-fly updates though they  preferred desktop access for more detailed work.


Jatin Sethi’s journey with ERPCA exemplifies the transformative power of practice management software in the field of accounting. His experience highlights the importance of digital transformation and the need for user-friendly solutions with robust support. While offering valuable insights, Jatin also suggests areas for improvement, emphasizing the importance of structured invoicing and streamlined descriptions. His advice to fellow professionals is to invest time in learning and exploring various aspects of practice management software.

ERPCA continues to evolve, aiming to address users’ feedback and enhance its features to better serve professionals like Jatin Sethi, who constantly seek ways to improve their practice.

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ERPCA’s exceptional customer support played a crucial role in the successful adoption of the software.
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